With the first few seeds in the ground I’ve been compiling a mental list of worries. They’ve begun to take up enough room that I’m going to give them a written space to occupy, in the hope that I can forget where I’ve put them. Here goes!


  • Will it stay warm enough for the seeds planted to germinate?
  • Will we get enough moisture, but not too much? I don’t want the garden to wash out or the seeds to rot before they are established.
  • Hopefully it doesn’t get to warm to fast and burn off any seedlings planted.
  • Wind.
  • Hail.
  • Early Frost.
  • If we do get enough moisture, will we get a break long enough to finish planting?
  • Sunburn, freckles, skin cancer


  • Will the calves eat my peas again this year?
  • How much damage will our resident mole do?
  • Will I notice the spiders? I know they are there but would like them to stay hidden.
  • So far we haven’t been affected by harmful bugs but…….
  • Will there be enough bees?
  • Will I get stung?
  • Maybe a fluffle of rabbits will join our mole.
  • Rabid coyote attack.
  • Snakes? I might forget the difference between good and bad, panic, pass out and be swallowed whole.
  • Will my husband get garden loving goats again?


  • Breaking a bone would be devastating. I’m trying to plan this activity for winter.
  • Oversleeping on a market day.
  • Forgetting to buy coffee or cola, resulting in above.
  • Developing severe plant allergies.
  • Planting to much to take care of.
  • Not planting enough.
  • Forgetting to use the restroom before going to farmers market.
  • Forgetting my produce scale.
  • Forgetting my phone.
  • Forgetting my boots and having muddy sneakers.
  • Dementia
  • Family or friend injury, illness, or death

Worries I don’t have

  • Telemarketers – lack of cell service is a great thing sometimes
  • Finding manual laborers – I don’t believe in child labor laws
  • Good soil – an abundance of manure can be a good thing
  • Loneliness – My family/friends are the best. My husband is helpful and supportive. I couldn’t ask for better kids. I have an amazing extended family and friends who are great for support, advice, and a cold beer or hot coffee when necessary.

Unfortunately each of these worries have crossed my mind. But while my list of worries is longer, the positives in my life outweigh them by a ton. Even when these worries become reality I have no doubt that with faith, family, and hard work things will turn out how they are meant to be. Not that that stops the worrying.



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