Last years dry plants crack and snap as I walk through the garden. The air is cool and a breeze blows the soft black dirt with each step. In every row I visualize what was and what will be planted. As I place a wooden steak and a few rocks in a bin I hear my dad driving down the road. His truck pulling the tractor is a welcome sight. The tough sod that will be the new garden needs to be broken up and his large tiller is better equipped for the job.

Engaging the PTO and dropping the tiller into the soft soil of last years garden he quickly turns the earth from bleached dried stubble to rich dark brown. This year as I walk alongside the tractor there are very few rocks to pull out. I watch as the tines turn the moist soil, thinking of all the organisms that make up this amazing life giving substance. A gust of wind comes up and I now get to experience this wonder with all of my senses, including taste. I’m quick to spit it out. While manure, decayed plant matter, and bugs are essential to plant growth I try not to make them a direct part of my diet.

On to the new garden plot. The dried grass here is thick and the tiller strains to chop it into the ground below. Seeing the rich earth makes me smile. By the end of summer the sod will have broken down, further enriching the soil.

With both the gardens freshly tilled I itch to start planting. Each plot of earth a blank canvas, my mind the artist contracted to create a masterpiece. The reality of the design may be closer to a stick figure but each individual element will be a perfect creation from god despite my involvement.

For now the soil will be left to sit and soak up this weeks predicted moisture. Ready now for the seeds that will soon be planted.


Thanks dad for your help!


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