20180429_213459.jpgJust this morning I was thinking of how much easier it would be if we hadn’t moved. The wind was blowing like crazy, howling past the house and blowing debris through the yard. There are a million things to do that we can’t because of the weather. Tilling, planting, fixing roofs, moving bales, dirt work and so much more. It was over 70 degrees and nothing could be done outside.

My son grabbed a board game and said it’s a good time to play. We each won a game and then moved on to cards. Laughing and joking our way through to mid afternoon when he decided we needed to read for awhile. This whole time my daughter was getting welding lessons from her dad and helping him fix gates.

Now looking into the darkening yard from my wooded rocker on the front porch, a calm breeze carrying the scent of rain, I am so glad that we are where we are. In town I would have found somewhere to go and missed out on some quality time with an amazing little man. I would have missed the glow on my daughters face when she came in to tell me about what her and her dad had built. I can’t forget that I’d also be inside watching TV insead of sitting here listening to the sounds of day changing to night.

I’m very greatful to be where I am. Deep down I know that everything will get done. Or it won’t and that’s ok too.


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