Spoke Too Soon

My prolific peas had an attack of downy mildew. So……all plants have been ripped out. I’ll try again for a fall harvest but I haven’t been successful with that yet.

Update on the rest of the garden. Cherry and small Early Girl tomatoes are starting to ripen, the larger varieties are full of green tomatoes and blossoms. Peppers are starting to grow, I’ve picked the first few banana peppers. 2nd planting of carrots has yet to make an appearance, I’m not holding my breath. My largest onions, of which there are a few, are about a pound each. Green beans have taken over where the peas left off and are producing very well. Purple beans and lima beans are just forming. Watermelon are starting to grow, I counted about 25 with out digging around in the vines. Zucchini are starting to form along with winter squash and pumpkins. I’ve located the first few cucumbers that are only about the size of my thumb nail.  1st planting of corn is starting to fill out, 2nd planting is tasseling. I’ll be trying a fall crop of lettuce and if I can find kohlrabi seed I’ll plant more of that along with some more beets. Potatoes are just finishing flowering and I’ll start aggressively digging them soon. Sweet potato vines are filling in nicely and sunflowers are making for a very cheerful garden.

One a personal note I’ve been sleeping through the worst of the days heat, resulting in four hour naps in the afternoon and four hours of sleep between 3am and 7am. These hours are not working for me so this week I’ll be a bit cranky as I try to wean myself away from naps.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Spoke Too Soon

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