Update 5-22-17

The move is finally complete! Tilling, planting, fence and building repairs, and unpacking is underway and going well for now. Yesterday was the first day that I really got my hands dirty and was able to plant a few things. We brought the horses home and the kids are loving the space to run.

I’m loving my porch. Even though I’ve only sat down to enjoy it with my morning coffee, I can see it becoming my go to spot once things settle down a bit. It needs a bit of work and the view is currently blocked by trailers containing the few remaining boxes from the move, but it will hopefully all come together soon. The house is old, with lots of character and updates, and we’re slowly making it our own.  We got to try out the coal furnace the last few nights, thanks to the cold weather. The heat it throws is amazing once we figured out how to get it going. (Thanks Wako and Mike, we would be using electric heaters without you!)

Picking a spot for the garden was the hardest part so far. Taking into account the water source and buildings we wanted to work on over the summer limited my options for placement but we got it figured out. It’s a bit smaller than I would have liked but will work for this year with some imaginative planting. I cut back on my space between rows and will be going vertical with a few things to save on room allowing me to plant the same number of plants, or more in some cases, in a little less space. I’ll talk Shawn out of some more room next year, or just till it up while he’s in town : )

So far the location has been great. It’s so peaceful out there and having everything right outside my door is a plus. My only complaint at this time is having to drive the kids to and from school, but that ends on Friday and next year they can get on the bus.

Hopefully next time I come in to use the internet I’ll remember my phone cord and can add some pictures.


Update 5-22-17

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