Update 03/21/2017

Wow, what a winter. I’m finally starting to see some dirt and grass through all the snow in the back yard. Our front yard is still pretty well covered, although the piles are continuing to shrink. I hold out hope that we will see grass in the front soon.

A new addition to our front yard is a sold sign. I’m very excited to announce our upcoming move from town to country life. My garden plans at the moment are up in the air. The only thing I know for sure is that there will be one. I’m hoping to move the whole operation to the new place but I’m keeping open the option to also use the current garden space or a combination of the two. The uncertainty is making me a bit crazy, even though I know that it will all turn out in the end. Our move is scheduled for early May and will make for a hectic first month but again, deep breath, it will all work out.

I’ve recently gone through my seed saved from last year and have made an extensive list of plants and seed that needs to be purchased. Since my plans that were drawn up before the first of the year may not be relevant, I’ve given up on planning and will just stock up on seeds and plants and till up ground until they all have a place.

The 2017 CSA contract is out and as updated as it can get for the time being. Whether at the new place or using the current garden I should have plenty of produce for both the CSA and Farmers Market.

I’ll try to post updates at things progress with the move and hopefully post some pictures of Barnhardt Farms new home as soon as I can.

Happy second day of spring!







Update 03/21/2017

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