Giving Thanks

This year there has been much turmoil and disruption but there are still many things to be thankful for. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving here’s my list.

My husband is at the top. He’s my rock and an amazing provider. Hardworking, kind, and patient I’m very thankful that he’s in my life.

My children bring joy and adventure to everyday. The endless questions and motion can be tiresome but reflecting on each day I learn more from them then they will ever learn from me.

Family and friends who are always there even if we don’t talk on a regular basis. Having such a great support group who would do anything and I would do anything for.

Being human and having the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Everyday is a chance to experiment, fail, and expand.

The list may seem short and there are many more things that I’m thankful for but these are the big ones. Take time to be thankful this Holiday season and don’t forget your blessings in the coming year.



Giving Thanks

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