November 17th Update

So, lots of emotional stuff out there that I could be posting about but I’m going to avoid those subjects for the time being. Most of my writing lately has centered on things that I’d rather not share so you are stuck with a boring update for now.

On the garden front there is not much to report other than the fact that weeds are growing in November. Hopefully the next few days of cooler weather will take care of that problem. I’ve been doing some research on weed management and companion crops for the coming year and have most of the garden plotted out in my handy notebook. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to better manage the space that I’ve got and with the additional space be able to provide for approximately 20 full share CSA members as well as the farmers market and of course my own freezer and canning room. Those of you that mentioned coming to help pull weeds next summer may want to change your phone numbers soon. I may be taking you up on it.

At home things have finally fallen into as close to a routine as we will ever manage. Our time revolving around school, work, and trips to the farm to do chores, and even though I try to avoid it, I’ve found time to clean up the house.

After finally getting the kids rooms cleaned out I’m dreading Christmas. Every time I go to the store I find myself wandering around looking for gift inspiration that never comes. My inner Grinch has taken over and I envision a Christmas with no tree, no presents, and no laughter. Me sitting in a corner with an evil grin enjoying the lack of busyness that tends to rule this time of year. Then I think of the lack of nummy food that accompanies the craziness and change my mind. Gift inspiration will eventually strike and I’ll be complaining about messy rooms again by January.

My to do list for this time includes; getting into the holiday spirit, finalizing my CSA contract for next year, putting together some recipes and tips for CSA drop offs, doing some writing that I feel comfortable posting, and beating the kids at Rummikub which is the game of choice lately.

Hope everyone has a great day!

November 17th Update

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