June 22 1016

Just an update on how the garden is looking.

Tomatoes plants are looking good with a few tomatoes starting to form on about 15 of the 75 plants. Lots of flowers on all plants. Peppers are just starting to flower. Onions are looking good with the average one being slightly bigger than a golf ball and a few closer to tennis balls. 1st planting of corn is about knee high, 2nd planting up about 6 inches, and the 3rd planting just poking through the ground. 1st planting of beets about a week away from being picked, about golf ball size now, 2nd planting just coming up. 1st planting of kohlrabi is a little spotty, not as many plants as I was hoping, 2nd planting just coming up. 1st planting of peas will be picked over the next week or so, 2nd planting about 4 inches tall. Potatoes looking good, some just starting to flower. I lost about half of the sweet potato plants, due to lack of knowledge on how to plant them, the other half are just starting to vine. Cucumbers, 35 assorted, are all up but no vines yet. Pie Pumpkins 16, watermelon 11, and winter squash 20 assorted are all up, some just starting to vine. Beans are mostly up, 175 assorted, some starting to flower. Kale will be cut for the first time this week and so will some of the lettuce, planted late because of late farmers market start date. Broccoli, cabbage, and okra looking good. Summer squash plants, 8 assorted, just starting to spread out. Radishes will be planted tomorrow. Indian corn is spotty but wasn’t sure what to expect from the new garden spot, also haven’t watered this garden. Recently planted 14 assorted cherry trees, 5 yellow apple, 20 various crabapple, 5 plum, 5 cranberry, 10 chokecherry.

June 22 1016

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