A road may start as two ruts meandering through a field or may be created smooth and straight, but they all need hard work and attention to remain visible. They are made up of many different materials and differ greatly through time and location. Each stretch of road seeing different weather and seasons. Each starts with a purpose.

Looking along the roads path many things are visible. They climb through majestic mountains, cut straight paths through barren deserts. They turn sharply from mansion lined to city slum. Widening and narrowing to accommodate their surroundings. Sometimes braced by wood and steel, allowing them to continue over streams, rivers, canyons, and other obstacles that would destroy them. Some veer around those obstacles and some go straight through them.

Some roads become worn down with time. Others are covered by many layers, the true road protected with each sheet added to the surface. There are bumps and holes coming from external forces greater than the road. These marks can be left untended to grow and further distort or can be patched and filled, improving the roads quality, but leaving a scar as a reminder of the tough times.

At times there are mere feet between intersections. The bustle leading to routine maintenance and upkeep. Sometimes the wear and tear of the traffic is too much to handle. Then there are the long stretches with hundreds of miles between crossings, with beautiful surroundings; peaceful and calming. Rounding a bend the calm can turn to neglect, the road slowly being overtaken by nature.

Each road takes us on a journey, twisting and turning. Some coming to an abrupt stop, others slowly fading out to their end. They intersect many other roads along the way. Branching off and looping back, winding through vast open space and crowded cities. Traveling a road is like traveling through life. There are bumps and holes along the way but there are also great adventures and scenic overlooks. Roads and life both have the same purpose of transporting their travelers to their destinations.


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