Walking through the garden, the dust swirls around my feet and is picked up by the breeze transporting it to every surface. The newly planted seeds lay dormant in the ground, waiting for the rain to bring them to life. Beating down from a blue sky, the suns rays warm the cool earth below me to almost scorching. Plants that were up and vibrant begin to dull and droop as the warmth chases out the remaining moisture along with the nights cold.

As I crawl slowly down the rows, pulling out weeds that quickly wither and die, the first clouds begin to build off to the west. They start as a few white strands against the brilliant blue and build to a mountainous wall blocking out the sun. A cool breeze blows through the garden brining with it the sweet scent of rain dampened earth.

Moving closer, the once brilliantly white clouds change to gray, their tops no longer visible. The first few heavy drops make a low thud as they hit the soft dry ground, leaving small dimples in the parched soil. Those dark spots quickly bleed together as the clouds let loose a steady downpour.

Listening closely I can hear the plants sigh in relief as the rain rinses the dirt from their leaves. I can imagine the hard seeds underground starting to swell as they absorb the water passed to them through the soil. All around me the grass, trees, and buildings that were dulled by dust regain their color. Puddles form in my footprints between the garden rows and in the ruts in the road. Water flows in sheets from the buildings eaves, washing away the soil at the base.

The steady thunder of large drops turns to a soft whisper of light mist. As the clouds move on, they leave a freshness in their wake.  Emerging from its brief slumber, the suns rays splinter against each remaining drop, sending explosions of color from every surface. Heat quickly returns, this time rejuvenating the life it previously had drained.

Now I walk happily through the garden. The soil beneath my feet compacting and picking up the mud, adding to the weight of my boots. A bird takes flight from a nearby tree, the leaves sending down one last shower. The moisture will not last long, sun and wind will quickly cause it to evaporate, but for now all is well. Because of this rain those seeds beneath the soil will quickly sprout, the plants will flower and then bear fruit. No amount of water from a hose can compare to a good rain.


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