Morning Sounds

It’s early and I awaken to the chirping of a bird. The sun just starting to lighten the cloudy sky. More trills and tweets join the first sound of the morning.

Stepping outside, wood creaking below my boots, I close my eyes and listen. Water dripping off the roof  from last nights rain becomes a steady beat to natures song. The breeze ripples the water laden grass, a soft whisper around the cows hooves. A gust causes loose tin on the corral to bang loudly against a wooden post. Puppy paws slapping muddy ground and his playful pant are added to the methodic munching from the cows.

Opening my eyes, I’m reluctant to add my harsh voice to this magical symphony. Instead I pat my thigh to call the dog. Stroking his soft fur I strain to hear the gurgling of the stream as it flows lazily past the cabin.

Light mist brings the days introduction to an end as I retreat inside. Closing the door on the sounds of morning.

Morning Sounds

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